One often hears the idiom “The apple does not fall far from the tree, “and this saying is true of Fabian Francis, more popularly known as Goldy. His father is the widely famous Ska/Reggae singer and producer from the 60’s  and 70’s, Willie Francis and Goldy has chosen to follow in his footsteps. Goldy is a multi faceted Studio engineer, recording artiste and producer. 

Early Life 

Growing up in central Kingston near the Ward Theatre, Goldy was influenced by his colourful Jamaican culture and fell in love with the vibrant music that was every bit apart of his way of life. 

He learnt early about the ins and outs of the music business, since as a little boy he would often go  to the studios to watch the recording process. 

He remembers quite vividly ad passionately that it was at one of these recording sessions, specifically one with Dennis Brown voicing and Clive Hunt engineering that prompted him to  become a recording engineer in the first place. 

When he became old enough, he would enter the industry first as an engineer at Cellblock  Recording studio (321). 

Musical Success 

It was there, fellow engineer Soljie gave the moniker “Goldy” because he saw how gifted he was and  said that he had “the magic touch” as an engineer. Goldy became one of the most sought after  engineers in the music business working closely with Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Luciano, Junior  Reid and many more.

After proving himself as a recording engineer/producer Goldy went on to starting two independent  labels, Undeniable Records and Strike Gold Label. 

As a recording artiste his efforts came by pure chance; He had written and produced a song for an  artiste who turned him down. Undaunted by the disappointment, Goldy went in front of the  microphone and produced presumably his biggest song to date; The Mini Song a collaboration  with reggae artiste Chronixx. 

Since then, he has moved on to producing and singing countless other tracks to include No War, Rasta Holiday, Better Change and more. He has also released bodies of work such as his debut EP  Beware of Bad Lion and his 17 tracks mixtape called 14 Karrat. 

Whether as an engineer, a record producer or singer Goldy’s intention is to produce good quality music, developing new artists and being a part of the reggae music that has longevity.


RAsta Well Clean

Kush By The Gram

Dat Is It

Roots Wine With Tuff Like Iron

Eye Red

No War

All Day

Upside Down

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